• Hard Capsule OEM

    Hard Capsule OEM

    Fully automatic production line, can be OEM 00#, 0#, 1#, 2# plant Hollow Capsules, a variety of capsule shell color, and can carry out capsule filling services.

  • Soft Capsules OEM

    Soft Capsules OEM

    We have GMP standard production plant, a number of automatic packaging lines, a variety of different shapes of s...

  • Powder OEM

    Powder OEM

    Can be customized according to customer requirements, can be processed, OEM materials, according to the formula R & amp; D and production. can also be OEM production.

  • Tablets OEM

    Tablets OEM

    Can be customized a variety of shapes and different grams of tablets, complete mold.

  • Tea bag OEM

    Tea bag OEM

    According to customer requirements to design product formulations, retain the active ingredients of raw materials, ...

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